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We Are Green

We are not perfect, but we strive to be. We do not use any cellophane or plastic materials when wrapping our products.  We use butchers paper, sometimes accented with tissue paper.  At the bottom by the stems we include a small piece of wax paper which simply keeps the other paper dry while stored in water.  Also, we try not to use nylon ribbon. Instead we use natural raffia which is made from a palm leaf.  This is a very sturdy product and we think it looks cool too.  Lastly, no balloons.  We love balloons as much as you do, but they are not good for the environment, particularly marine life, so we no longer provide them.   We are not perfect and when it comes to weddings, for example, we cannot escape using ribbon, but we continuously try to look for packaging alternatives and hope you will respect and support our efforts to help the environment. Thank you.